What Fashion Trend can we expect in 2017

This Blog is originally posted on DLF CLothing.

It’s that season of year once again. The air is charged with back-to-class fervor and an indication of Pumpkin Spice as people avidly anticipate the changing leaves and fresh temperatures of fall. More importantly, the start of September signs one of the greatest weeks in popular culture. Yes, I mean New York Fashion Week, when models, celebrities, alike gather in New York City to see what is in store for fashion in the coming years.

Because of the all-access impact of social media, anybody with an Instagram or Snapchat account had a front seat to this current season’s most sultry shows.

Just on the off chance that you aren’t an ardent follower of social media celebrities, we’ve assembled a rundown of the greatest trends to look for 2017, straight off the runway. Despite the fact that spring feels like a long time from now, it is never too soon to tune into what is trending in the fashion world.

Bold Stripes

This Opening Ceremony body-con dress is a flawless piece to move from winter to spring, with its long sleeves and fun design. Stripes can put a lively wind on classic outlines like this one, or they can add a nautical vibe to simple looks.

Retro Florals

While florals for spring may appear to be absolutely self-evident, they’ve never been done this way. Dainty, downplayed bloom patterns have been swapped for larger retro prints. Splendidly shaded, colorful dresses will be the ideal approach to welcome the new season.


Prepare to exchange your lower leg breaking stilettos for a more commonsense option. Platforms were everywhere amid Fashion Week this year. So, start searching down a stunning pair of platform heels to break out at your spring formal!

So people, start saving money for 2017 because you can’t skip following these upcoming trends. Even you haven’t actually followed the trends of 2016 or previous years, you can still do that by shopping from DLF clothing and see all the top brands wearable products and more.


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