3 upcoming Fashion Trends to follow in 2017

This Blog is originally posted on DLF Clothing.

From Calvin Klein to Zara, Michael Kors to Levi’s, NYC fashion week is exciting for anybody in the fashion world. Models walk the runways with newest and upcoming fashion trends, simply giving viewers a look at what is to come. As Fashion Month finishes up, we now start to examine the trends we saw and prepare for the upcoming season.

Choker Necklaces

I know, you’re most likely thinking, “Choker Necklaces?” These necklaces were well known in the 90s?” Yes. Choker necklaces are really making a tremendous comeback in 2017, according to the fashion week. So if you don’t see women wearing them around the boulevards yet, simply be prepared to.

Off the shoulder tops

These have been in for barely a year, yet Fashion week predicted the ascent of the trend. And now, dramatic sleeves and ruffles are as well taking the ascent with this trend. Super adorable and energizing! If you don’t have an over-the-shoulder top in your closet by now, you presumably will come spring 2017.


I’m infatuated with pantsuits because it screams allegiance and intelligence. Put on a pantsuit and you will most definitely resemble a wealthy and stylish businesswoman who’s prepared to go up against the world. Victoria Beckham, as of now struts her pantsuits impeccably.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hoping to wear the most recent fashion trends, the upcoming looks are energizing, chic, and allegiant. I’m to a great degree eager to see what appears in stores. Or if you are looking to order current or previous year’s trends, then DLF clothing is the perfect place to shop.

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